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UK VAT registration for Amazon sellers

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Introduction The last thing an e-commerce store owner would want to see is an e-mail instructing him or her to open a VAT file with the HMRC for future Value Added Tax (VAT) collection purposes. However, this is exactly the kind of e-mail many Amazon sellers received last year, and

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An analysis of VAT in the UK

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An introduction to VAT in the UK Whether you are a small business owner, or an established company operating in the United Kingdom, chances are that you have already opened a file with the HMRC to receive and pay Value Added Tax (VAT), or at least considered doing so in

export import vat

Import – Export VAT Explained

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In case you are running a business involved in imports or exports of products or simply makes sales to countries outside the UK, you should learn a few things about VAT on imports and exports. Learning more about these rules will guarantee that your business will go on with its

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Online sellers are now forced to pay full tax for their activities thanks to the new laws

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The HMRC got new powers starting from this week. Now they can penalize online marketplaces in case these platforms are used for tax frauds committed by sellers that are using these platforms. According to the new laws which were revealed by Philip Hammond in the Autumn Budget in 2017, the


The VAT clampdown started by HMRC focused on subcontracting

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According to some sources, HMRC has gathered a team of about two dozen experienced investigators to determine why primes have been avoiding the 20% charge to their top sellers as expected. The same sources claim that the tax office will be focused on the last 6 years of the unpaid

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eBay has started Revealing the VAT Tax Numbers of all UK Sellers

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eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world. This is an American-based auction site which has special divisions in many countries including the United Kingdom. There are thousands of sellers (and buyers) from the United Kingdom that use this online platform on a daily basis. In addition, there are


An Introduction to UK VAT

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Value Added Tax, or simply VAT as most people know it, is a type of tax present in many countries around the globe. Similar to other countries, UK VAT is imposed on the sales of different kinds of services and goods. This tax acts as both indirect and consumption tax

VAT Return UK

VAT Return UK – A Simple Guide

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It turns out that VAT return in the UK is one of the issues that are a little bit confusing and too complex for modern businessmen. This is especially true in cases when they are not familiar with the basic regulations and rules. After all, this is one of the

VAT Registration Certificate

VAT Registration Certificate: What is it and why is it important?

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VAT registration is a trending topic in the UK these days. This is quite natural because more and more companies and sole traders are wondering whether they should become VAT registered. Of course, when the turnover exceeds 82.000 GBP there is no dilemma – you have to be VAT registered.

voluntary Vat registration

Is it a good idea to choose voluntary VAT registration?

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In case you run a business and the total value of the taxable products, supplies, and services provided in the United Kingdom are over £85,000 for the past year (12 months) or in case you believe that you will pass this amount in the next month, then VAT registration is
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