Value added tax (VAT) is a tax which is collected by the VAT registered companies. It is applied to the consumer spending based on the value of goods and services. This tax is applied on almost all of the goods and services which are either bought or sold for the purpose of consumption in the European Union. There are many companies which allow you to register for VAT. You can also register for VAT online. These taxes are not applied to the goods which are exported.

About VAT:

VAT is a general tax which is applied to the commercial activities involving the production, distribution and provision of the goods. There is a certain limit for VAT taxes and if the turnover of a person is less than that limit for a certain good, VAT is not charged. The specific limit on the tax allows you to calculate the percentage at each stage of production and provision. VAT is an indirect tax in a way that it is paid by the buyer to seller as a part of the price of a good. Then, this part is paid by the seller to the revenue authority.


There is some information you need to register for vat:

  • Details and certificate of incorporation
  • Details about all the associated businesses in the last two years
  • Tax identifier number or national insurance number (NI)
  • Details of businesses bank accounts

How VAT is charged?

The amount of VAT is a specific percentage which is charged at each stage of the production. The taxable person will then deduct the entire amount which is paid at each stage of the final tax amount. This way, the double amount of the tax is avoided. The final price of the product includes all the whole tax percentage of different stages and this final amount is included in the price of the product. The final VAT payment is the sum total of all the tax amount of production and distribution phase.

VAT traders are provided with a specific number which is used when they have to show that they already charged the customers through invoices. In this way, the consumer will know how much he has paid and the customer will know how much he can deduct in turn.

There are two ways in which you can register for VAT. One is through paper work and the other is the online registration. For paper registration, you need to submit important details about the production and provision of goods. For online registration, you need to register yourself on the website. Our website, VAT Number UK, provides you with the opportunity to register for VAT online. We are experts in the registration of VAT for different businesses. We have worked with a lot of clients within and outside of UK.

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