Understand The Amazon UK VAT Refund For A Layman

Understand The Amazon UK VAT Refund For A Layman

Amazon UK VAT is the tax you pay whenever you buy something in the UK. It is collected on most of the business transactions and products from certain services. However, we should not confuse VAT as the tax that is included in every single thing we buy. Many goods are excluded from this tax. VAT, in simple words, means the value added tax on a product or a service. A value added tax is a consumption tax collected on specific sales.

Every seller in the production chain charges VAT, starting from the beginning when raw materials are sold to the end of the manufacturing process. The purpose of collecting the VAT is to impose the tax on each stage of production.

How UK VAT Works

If a seller needs to charge you VAT of the product they are selling, they multiply the selling price by the given VAT rate to estimate the exact amount of VAT they are supposed to charge.

After doing the calculations, they simply add the VAT price to the actual price. This is the price which you are supposed to pay now.

UK VAT Refund

UK residents give their due tax on everything they buy. Did you know you could be eligible for Amazon UK VAT refunds?You can get VAT refunds, if you are eligible in the following ways:

  • If your business or company is registered in a non-EU country
  • You don’t live in the UK, or do not have a proper residence or business in the UK
  • If you are not VAT registered in the UK. (you don’t have to or can’t be VAT registered in the UK)
  • You don’t make any kind of supplies in the UK

To get a claim for your Amazon UK VAT refund, you must send original invoices to the HM Revenue and Customs Department that show the VAT you want to get a refund for. You must give the HMRC an official certificate that proves that you are not registered as abusiness in the UK. If your claims are refused the HMRC will giveyou a proper explanation for it.

Amazon VAT Refund

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping sites in the world. You can buy anything you want easily from the online store. It is an easy access to shopping without going out.

You can get an amazon VAT refund by:

  • Submitthe requireddocuments for atax refund and send an email to the concerned authorities to receive a refund for your taxes. You can also send scanned copies in PDF format to tax-exempt@amazon.com.

Your Request Should Include

  • Your email address on which the authorities can contact you
  • Your order number
  • A proof of your exempt tax status
  • The name of the seller, from whom you made the purchase
  • Name of theorganisation or a personwho purchased the goods

The agreement between the non-FBA sellers does not allow amazon to process tax refunds on their behalf. If you need a tax refund from the non-FBA sellers, you can contact the seller directly and request them for your tax refund.

The scenario of Amazon UK VAT refunds has been explained above. If you feel that we may have left out some points, or would like us to explain further details of the topic, please leave a comment below.

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