EORI number UK

Do I need an EORI number in the UK?

An EORI number enables you to trade goods with countries that are based outside of the European Union. EORI stands ...
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VAT Considerations for Amazon Sellers

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that businesses have to pay in most countries of the world. E-commerce opportunities ...
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vat amazon uk

UK VAT registration for Amazon sellers

Introduction The last thing an e-commerce store owner would want to see is an e-mail instructing him or her to ...
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vat number uk

An analysis of VAT in the UK

An introduction to VAT in the UK Whether you are a small business owner, or an established company operating in ...
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export import vat

Import – Export VAT Explained

In case you are running a business involved in imports or exports of products or simply makes sales to countries ...
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vat tax

Online sellers are now forced to pay full tax for their activities thanks to the new laws

The HMRC got new powers starting from this week. Now they can penalize online marketplaces in case these platforms are ...
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The VAT clampdown started by HMRC focused on subcontracting

According to some sources, HMRC has gathered a team of about two dozen experienced investigators to determine why primes have ...
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vat tax numbers

eBay has started Revealing the VAT Tax Numbers of all UK Sellers

eBay is the largest online marketplace in the world. This is an American-based auction site which has special divisions in ...
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An Introduction to UK VAT

Value Added Tax, or simply VAT as most people know it, is a type of tax present in many countries ...
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VAT Return UK

VAT Return UK – A Simple Guide

It turns out that VAT return in the UK is one of the issues that are a little bit confusing ...
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VAT Registration Certificate

VAT Registration Certificate: What is it and why is it important?

VAT registration is a trending topic in the UK these days. This is quite natural because more and more companies ...
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voluntary Vat registration

Is it a good idea to choose voluntary VAT registration?

In case you run a business and the total value of the taxable products, supplies, and services provided in the ...
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company vat registration

Why Use a Company VAT Registration Provider?

Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a special tax used in many countries in the world including the United Kingdom ...
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Best VAT scheme

What is the best VAT scheme for your business?

When registering your business for VAT, there are several options to consider. In some of the cases (if your business ...
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VAT Amazon co.uk

Two online giants have allegedly involved in Tax Evasion

Recently, British legal authorities exposed that both Amazon.co.uk Inc. and eBay Inc., two renowned online giants have allegedly helped and ...
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vat charged

When is VAT charged?

This should be an easy question to answer,but in fact is the cause of much uncertainty when it comes to ...
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VAT Registration Threshold

VAT Registration Threshold

It is compulsory for you to register for VAT in the UK if your VAT taxable turnover (all supplies of ...
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vat UK

What happens to VAT after Brexit?

Now that the proceedings have begun for the debatable Brexit and the UK will be no longer a member of ...
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vat registration uk


Are you planning to start your business in the UK? It maybe the time for you to look at value-added ...
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Amazon UK VAT Refund

Understand The Amazon UK VAT Refund For A Layman

Amazon UK VAT is the tax you pay whenever you buy something in the UK. It is collected on most ...
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How do I become VAT Registered in the UK

How do I become VAT Registered in the UK

To become VAT registered in the UK you must own a business with £85,000 or more VAT taxable turnover, or ...
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vat agent UK

VAT Agent UK Service

Value added tax (VAT) is a form of consumption tax that is to be paid to the government. This payment ...
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UK VAT refund

How to go about getting a UK VAT Refund

A system has been set through which tourists can get a UK VAT Refund, as non-EU residents do not owe ...
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uk vat registration

The complete UK VAT Registration Process

The UK VAT registration, process which was introduced in 1973 is a part of the UK’s admission to the EU.  In ...
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vat number

All you need to know about VAT number

Value added tax (VAT) is a type of tax that is applied to the goods or services that are being ...
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vat refund

How to claim VAT refund?

Value added tax (VAT) is a tax that is been paid in different stages. The overall rate of the VAT ...
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uk vat number

How can a business get UK VAT number?

If you expect to get a UK VAT number, you should possess the following information without fail. A unique reference ...
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register for vat

Understanding how to Register for VAT

If you intend to start a business in the UK, VAT is going to be a crucial aspect for you ...
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vat agent


Value added tax (VAT) is a tax which is applied to almost all of the goods and services produced if ...
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vat registration

VAT registration: process and guidelines

Value added tax (VAT) is the tax which is applied at different good and services produced. VAT registration is required ...
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VAT Registered Company

Benefits of VAT Registered Company

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and limited companies are required to register for VAT. It is the sales tax ...
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vat identification number

Getting a VAT Identification Number

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and happens to be a consumption tax which is applied on goods and services ...
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vat deregistration

Process of Vat deregistration

The VAT Deregistration process is the one which you need to follow if your company is currently registered for: Suppling ...
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EU VAT Number


If a company operates across the European Union (EU), there is a need that it should also get its business’s ...
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vat registration number uk

How to check the validity of Vat registration number UK

Value added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax which is applied on the products. The percentage of the tax is ...
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VAT registered business

Running a VAT registered business

Value Added Tax (commonly known as VAT in the industry), is regarded to be a sales tax. This particular tax ...
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VAT Deregistration

An overview of VAT deregistration

According to the rules and regulations implemented by HMRC, whenever a business exceeds an annual threshold of £83,000, it needs ...
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Register for VAT

Register for VAT and gain credibility for your business

Although business taxation is a confusing aspect to handle, it is important for a business to register for VAT if ...
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